Adult Instruction


Join a scheduled drill or customize your own!

Do you want to learn when to be in an offensive versus a defensive position when you’re at the net in doubles? Or when and how to hit a drop volley? How about when you should drive the ball or hit a lob? No problem! We can customize drills that are challenging and motivating while accomplishing your goals. Our strategic-thinking staff will be happy to work with you and your team to set up drills where you will learn and also get a workout. Or come and join an open drill and meet new players who are at your level.

See below for our list of scheduled drills or email and set up one for you and your friends.

“After 19 years away from the sport, I made the decision to return to tennis. Real Tennis has not only met my tennis needs, but also maintains a tremendous youth program to develop the skills of my children.”
– Celeste P.